I have been involved with horses since I was a child and am very excited to be a part of the much needed Here4Horses charity, as a Founding Trustee.

Professionally I am a registered nurse, Mental Health and General and currently work in adult mental health services.

In my 20’s I eventually found that I could afford a horse of my own, unfortunately this was not a good choice; a TB mare, ex-racehorse called Grizzle. Perhaps I should have known there would be trouble ahead with a name like that and after a year together we parted company, which was utterly heart-breaking despite our poor relationship.

I hoped for future horses to be with me for life – and so Jaffa made it to 17 years, Monty to 26 and currently Bailey; a quirky but gorgeous ID X Connemara.

A keenness to further my horse knowledge led me to BHS stage training and I successfully achieved levels 1 & 2. Later, I achieved The British Riding Club’s Senior Horse Welfare Level 3 certificate, of which I am very proud.

I have been a member of several Riding Clubs and Secretary for two of them, as well as being on the BHS North Region committee.

I also currently volunteer in the Organisers Office at Bramham Horse Trials each June.

My husband and I enjoy DIY and are currently renovating an old farmhouse. Nine years on and we are about ¾ finished but the stables and paddocks had to be completed first, of course!