Why help us?

We are a newly launched and registered charity in 2020 with huge aspirations.

Our unique team of volunteers, all with very different backgrounds but driven by shared beliefs, have the expertise and knowledge to help any horse or pony from Shetlands to Shires if they are fortunate enough to cross our path.

We are here to educate & campaign for change, alongside caring for horses and ponies desperately in need of a second chance.

We also help owners in desperate circumstances and we act upon concerns raised by members of the public.

Every year, large numbers of abandoned and neglected horses require the assistance of charities like ours.

The fact is, we are ready and willing to help in whatever way we can – we simply need your donation to enable us to do so.

We receive no external funding and are completely reliant on the generosity of our kind supporters who can choose to help us in several different ways.

We have created several tiers of support which we hope will provide an opportunity for everyone to get involved.

Heidi, starved and injuredHeidi back to full health
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