2008 | Grey | Welsh Pony

Anna is a ‘work in progress’ as separation anxiety can be a big problem in horses and ponies and we want her to learn that with time and training she will be able to cope with whatever situations she is faced with.

The story so far...

Anna arrived under very sad circumstances in January 2020, she was accompanied by her field companions Chequers and Tinkerbelle. Her owner had tragically died suddenly and unexpectedly and we had been approached by her partner and family who were desperate for help, as they knew nothing about how to care for the ponies.

Anna was very nervous and flighty on arrival, probably unused to being handled by strangers and has been inseparable from her field mates. It has taken time to gain her trust and keep her anxiety at bay. Now we are getting to know her, she a very sweet pony and will no doubt in time become confident and settled.


Meadow-herb treats


Being groomed

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