Your support helps us to help horses and ponies every day.

Even modest donations can make a remarkable difference to an organisation such as ours. We are truly grateful to everyone who feels able to make a donation (however small), secure in the knowledge that every penny will be used wisely.

If you or your organsiation wishes to make a donation to Here4Horses, the process is very straightforward.

Online Donation:

A one off donation can be made by clicking the ‘Donate’ button at the top of this page then follow the prompts – payments can be made this way with either Apple Pay, Debit/Credit Card and PayPal.

Direct Debit:

Alternatively a regular payment can be made via direct debit, email us with your details at we will provide you with the necessary banking details.

Postal Donations:

We also accept donations via post to:

The Treasurer,


c/o Hall Heads Farm, Middlestone, Bishop Auckland,

Co Durham DL14 8AQ. United Kingdom. 


You are never too young, or too old, to make a will and remembering Here4Horses in your will, can make all the difference and help us save lives.

Leaving a proportion of your legacy to Here4Horses is a long lasting and generous commitment to horse and pony welfare.

Legacies can provide significant funds to aid our vital work, enabling us to secure a happy and healthy future for neglected & abandoned equines and supporting much needed educational resources.

Whether you’re an individual, trust or organisation, by making a significant donation to Here4Horses, you will undoubtedly help secure a better future for horses and ponies.