Who we are

How it started…

The horse crisis in the UK in recent years has seen massive over-breeding of low value animals and a subsequent huge spike in the number of starved, diseased, neglected and abandoned horses and ponies, needing urgent help from charities.

This devastating situation has been the catalyst for bringing a unique, like-minded team together under the Here4Horses banner.

The Here4Horses team have already invested, a great deal of time, effort and money to horse and pony welfare. It is part of our culture.

Following more than a year of careful planning and initial fund-raising, we have officially registered as a charity and gathered our highly skilled Board of Trustees, capable of successfully leading Here4Horses through whatever challenges it may face.

Horse welfare is however, not just about helping emaciated, near death animals, return to health.

The 21st century brings with it many challenges for horses and ponies and we hope to shed light on the numerous forms of abuse that sadly continue to exist.

Perhaps more importantly, we believe we need to address these issues, in order to educate, inform and ultimately bring about the changes needed to help secure a better life for horses and ponies everywhere.


So, say hello to the team below and if you share our beliefs and feel you want to help us deliver real results, then please donate, or lend your support in whatever way you can.


We are very proud of this website and would like to acknowledge the help of key contributors.

Gary, Anton and Sam from the very talented team at Curious12, Shaun J Stoker for his superb photography and design and last but by no means least, Jeff Platten for his wonderful cartoons and supporting images.